Full Day Chaltén Trekk Pro

Daily from October 1st to March 31st 

From 7 to 20 hours

Medium difficulty for Young people. 

Demanding for people over 50 years old 


From 11 to 75 years old 

Excellent physical conditions and used to practice mountain trekking

6 hours 


14 kilometers


250 metres


Snack and lunch

It is forbidden for people with heart diseases, COPD, emphysema, asthma or recent surgeries. It is not suitable for people with physical or mental disability, obesity, pregnant women or people suffering from vertigo.

FEATURES TO STAND OUT: Hiking one way alternative to do as a unique hike in Chaltén. It´s the only option to visit the beautiful Piedras Blancas glacier, maximum approach to the Fitz Roy. It´s the only full day tour that offers hot lunch in a base camp of climbers (Poincenot)

 biligual hike conducted with AAGM an APN certified guides. Possibility to stay in Chaltén and return on a deferred day free of charge. Condition: inform return day at the time of booking the tour.

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