Mayo Spirit Trekk

From 8 to 17

Daily from September 1st to April 30th 


There are no restricitions for this activity

60 passengers maximum

Snack with hot beverages. 

You will have to take a box lunch

National Park entrance Fee

Sailing will introduce you to one of the most beautiful places of Los Glaciares National Park to which only a few have the privilege to access: the Seno Mayo of Argentino lake. It is one of the wettest areas of the National Park, and for this reason the vegetation that can be admired during the two walks is completely different from that observed in the other places of the National Park. 

The Mayo Spirit Trek is the perfect combination of trekking in the forest with a view of waterfalls, rivers and suspended glaciers and a visit to Perito Moreno glacier (navigation + walkways). 

In the morning, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and after 1 hour surrounded by the quintessential Patagonian steppe, local wildlife and traditional ranches, we’ll reach Punta Bandera where we board the catamaran.

The guide and crew welcome us aboard and explain what our journey will involve, along with the boat’s safety measures.

The first stop without disembarking is in front of Punta Bandera, place where Francisco Pascasio Moreno christened Argentino lake on February 15th, 1887. An auctionn marks this place so important for our history. Continuing the navigation we enter the Seno Mayo.


700 meters walking 


 We will reach specimen of centenary John (christened “El abuelo”), which has a trunk of more than 3 meters in diameter. Continuing through the forest until you reach a waterfall from which it originates a charming stream. From the shore of the lake you can observe the suspended glaciers of Cerro Mayo and Cerro Negro.

We will descend at Toro Bay, accompanied by the guide we will make a cognitive walk through the Andean Patagonial forest (formed by autottone species such as guindos, canelos, lengas and ñires).

Return to the boat and navigation of 15 minutes until the next stop. 


1000 meters walking 

PHYSICAL DEMAND: Low. Slight slope 

Disembarking at Cerro Negro we start a walk into the Andean Patagonial forest. During the walk along a river that will take us to Cerro Negro. We will arrive a few meters from the base of this mountain and from there we will contemplate the wonderful Negro glacier. This glacier is a suspended glacier from which arise a large amount of waterfalls that give rise to the river that we had skirted. Back to the boat. Exit Seno Mayo to return to sail the Témpanos channel, and in a few minutes you start to see the north face of the Perito Moreno glacier. 


Once we reach the North face we will sail slowly in front of this wall appreciating all its grandeur, its extension and perhaps with a little luck, we will see some detachment. Free time to walk the walkways and the various viewpoints. Return to the boat and sailing to the Bandera port. We recommend comfortable footwear for walking in the forest and warm and waterproof clothing.  

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