Safari Experience


From November 1st to April 30th 

Two options. At 9 in the morning or at 16 in the afternoon

5 hours 


Waterproof suit in Gore-Tex, thermal clothing, boots, gloves and life jacket.

Lunch or dinner including beverages. Starter: different cheeses and homemade bread – Main course: lamb pot with vegetables – Dessert – Wine and Water 


 2 participants mínimum and 20 participants maximum 


 Land Rover Defender – Toyota TRD – Overland 4 x 4 F4000 

You will travel 40 kilometers during this tour  

Safari Experience is a midday 4×4 excursion immersed in the Patagonian steppe. Ideal for the day of arrival or departure. For a few hours one feels part of the landscape and enters into its history. Enjoy the fresh air and open the senses. Either by interpreting trails or sightings, the delicate balance of the regional ecosystem is discovered, which varies according to the height. Excellent chances of spotting guanacos, condors, foxes among other members of the native fauna.

The glacier region hast a lot to show us and tell us. 80 million years of history that are travelled in a 4 x 4 vehicle. The color of the earth is telling its own story. Natives of 10.000 years ago, the pioneers and ranchers are part of the story during the tour within the nature reserve “Estancia 25 de Mayo”.

There, areas that are geologically and paleontologically unique in Argentina have been detected. Stand out one of the most important fossil crab deposits in the world, a reef of oysters and formations containing remains of fossil mammals that are 15 million years old.

A safari for those who have multiple interests. A learning that will re-signify the journey through Patgonia. To visit the origin, to understand the current situation; more than to travel it is to recognize. 

We suggest comfortable clothing for walking and warm trekking shoes or slippers with good sole, comfortable pants, various layers of coat, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. 

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